About Me


Hey there! I’m Timothy Gruber, and I’m glad you found your way to my blog. I’m based in the beautiful San Diego, California area, where I’m lucky to have a supportive wife and two wonderful kids who understand the demands of a passionate IT professional like me.

I’ve been immersed in the IT world for nearly two decades, with much of it enterprise in the government, media, gaming, and manufacturing sectors. My fascination with technology, computers, and building them started when I was just a kid!

Currently, I’m focused on public and private cloud engineering and architecture, Modern Workplace, and extensive automation through APIs, serverless technologies like Function Apps, Lambda, Runbooks, Logic Apps, PowerShell, and DevOps. I’m also dedicated to Infrastructure as Code (or rather Everything as Code), security, and have experience working with Microsoft, Linux, AWS, and Google cloud technologies.

My expertise spans across Client Platform Engineering, including Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms, as well as virtualization solutions including VDI. I have a strong background in various Linux distributions, server environments, network architecture, PKI standards, and security.

I’ve honed my skills in cloud technologies, including Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, and have a deep understanding of cloud architecture, migration, and optimization. Automation has always been a passion of mine, leading me to develop expertise in scripting languages like PowerShell, BASH, and Python, as well as automating processes with tools like GitHub Actions and Terraform. I have also taken an interest in tool making with C#!

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you find the content here insightful and valuable!

I currently hold the following certifications and credentials:

  • (MCSE) Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert | Cloud Platform and Infrastructure (Charter)
  • (MCSE) Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert | Server Infrastructure (Windows Server 2012)
  • (MCSA) Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate | Windows Server 2012
  • (MCSE) Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert | Cloud Platform and Infrastructure
  • (MCSA) Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate | Windows Server 2008
  • (MCITP) Microsoft Certified IT Professional | Server Administrator on Windows Server 2008
  • (MCTS) Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist | Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuration
  • (MCTS) Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist | Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuration
  • (MCP) Microsoft Certified Professional
  • (MCTS) Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA A+
  • ITIL 4 Foundation in IT Service Management
  • (CSM) SCRUM Alliance Certified SCRUM Master

and have undergone some great training over the past years to continuously improve and develop my skillset:

  • Azure
  • Azure DevOps, DevOps, DevSecOps
  • AWS
  • Governance
  • PowerShell, C#, Javascript

I’m Independent

My blog will fill up to include content of all product flavors, including Microsoft, Dell, HP, Linux, VMWare, Starwind, Veeam and Apple just to name a few.  If I express a pro-opinion or negative opinion about a certain feature or product, it’s because I really feel that way.  I’m not paid by any vendor in any way for any content on my blog.  I also both disagree and agree equally with each vendor on some things here and there.  I like the saying: “You don’t have to like everything on the menu to like the restaurant.”

Contacting Me

If you want to contact me, you can do so through the LinkedIn or Twitter links to the side.  I am available for the occasional quick question.  If you want to use content from my blog for your own purposes, please ask first.

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